FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions about a Polygraph

The Top Three Questions about Lie Detector Tests

Question #1:
He or she is very smart and I want to know if is it possible that they "fool" the machine or beat the polygraph?

Anyone can be fooled by someone's lie and facial mannerisms or other gestures that are not as reliable as a professional polygraph examination. Our personal impressions do not influence the electronic measurements at Texas Polygraph Counselors. We rely on advanced polygraph technology and training to interpret multiple high sensitivity signals and repeated clear questions. Attempts to conceal fail.

Decades of advancement in experimental controls and improvements provide a number of checks and balances that help us derive a professional opinion of truth or deception from multi-sensor charts. One of these sensors and repeats will reveal deception-faking. A few people try to manipulate the polygraph and there are a lot of goofy and incorrect ideas on the Internet, but we keep up with these amateur attempts that are caught by the modern computer polygraph and a well-trained licensed examiner. Those untrained attempts to fool the polygraph often result in nervousness and then backfire to confirm deception.

Question #2:
How much does a polygraph test cost?

Professional fees for a private issue or domestic infidelity examination administered by a reliable and licensed examiner is usually $350.00 to $500.00 in the Dallas area. Don't fall for a cheaper price without first meeting the examiner in person or taking a tour of the office and examination lab. A criminal case or someone facing criminal allegations or under investigation is usually $900.00 to $1,500.00 plus you must agree to pay for any court time or depositions if the examiner is subpoenaed later. Employee theft cases are usually $250.00 each times the number of people scheduled for an appointment.

Question #3:
How many questions may I ask?

Several questions can be asked but they must be of the same topic or issue being examined. A valid polygraph examination includes three or four types of questions as called for in the methodology but this is where your examiner can help during the pre-test interview. The interview homes in on and clarifies the most important issue into positive easy to understand fact-based questions. The questions are reviewed in advance to avoid any unfairness, uncertainty or surprise. A person with nothing to hide feels relieved and relaxed about questions that clear up the issue.

Additional Frequently Asked Polygraph Questions (FAQ)

Questions about Costs and Payment:

How much does a professional lie detector test cost in the Dallas area?

Most private professional polygraph firms in the Dallas polygraph market usually charge between $350.00 to $500.00 or more for a single issue polygraph exam. Standard professional fees for examinations depend on the type of issue being tested and range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. A private issue or domestic infidelity test for one person is usually about $350.00 at Texas Polygraph Counselors however the client may save $50.00 by paying the professional fee in full on line when they select an appointment time. If both parties participate (take an exam at the same appointment) add another $100.00.

What are Texas Polygraph Counselors' rates?

The higher standards of Texas Polygraph Counselors are available at competitive rates. We charge only $300.00 for these private issue exams. Couples tests where both want to participate are usually discounted to a total fee of $400.00 if scheduled at the same appointment time. All criminal cases or those with pending criminal allegations start at $900.00 plus you have to agree to pay for any court time if the examiner is subpoenaed.

How may I pay for a lie detector test?

How may I pay for a lie detector test?

At Texas Polygraph Counselors in Dallas clients pre-pay a $100.00 commitment fee to block their appointment time and they have the option of saving $50.00 if the pre-pay the full amount on-line. If they pay a commitment fee only ($100.00) the balance is due at the time of their appointment. There are NO REFUNDS however you may call to re-set if necessary. (You are not required to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card through the web site).

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Of course like you our time is valuable so you set your own appointment and pre-pay a $97.50 commitment fee which blocks the appointment time. These fees and policies are set industry standards which help avoid any suggestion of bias.

What kinds of polygraph equipment and facilties do you use?

What about professional facilities and equipment?

We use the most modern electronic computerized polygraph instruments. Our prestigous convenient office tower location of our office and lab near the Galleria Mall (IH 635 and Tollway) reflect our high standards, but you pay no more than for ordinary polygraphers in sometimes unsavory locations. Our fees are surprisingly affordable. Texas Polygraph Counselors is based in the ClearChannel Building (see map) in north Dallas. TPC does not have criminal probationers alongside you in waiting areas like some other polygraph offices.

What about a VSA, CVSA or Voice Stress Analysis?

NO! Don't be fooled by these "toys"! In Texas only a state licensed polygraph examiner may legally examine someone for the purpose of verifying the truth of a particular statement. The so-called CVSA "machines" do not have any scientific support and no reputable federal agency relies on any of their claims. If someone offers you those as a substitute, that tells you their methods are not scientifically backed. It says they may be deceptive themselves.

What about accuracy and trying to fool the polygraph?

How accurate is a real polygraph examination?

Let's start with the understanding that while the polygraph technique is not infallible, research clearly indicates that when administered by a competent examiner, the polygraph test is the most accurate means available to determine truth and deception. U.S. Government studies have concluded that the single-issue test conducted properly by a qualified examiner is 87 to 95 percent accurate. Your national security organizations that quietly protect you every day rely at least in part on polygraphs regularly.

Why choose Michael Park's Texas Polygraph Counselors?

Several reasons exist, but most important is our level of professionalism and proven abilities, and our comfortable, friendly and relaxed matter-of fact manner convenient to most parts of Dallas, Forth Worth and surrounding areas.

Why are you considered the best polygraph firm in Dallas?

Professional standards and integrity are important in any industry but especially when it comes to truth verification in criminal matters for court, employee theft or private issues. Mr. Park's background proves integrity. Of course every examination is important to the requestor and the one participating in the test. Michael D. Park retired from the U.S. Department of Justice in 2002 specializing in investigations and began private practice. His polygraph firm was awarded professional service contracts by the Dallas and Garland Police Departments for several years and is still on call for federal examinations. Those who know and have observed Michael's higher standards of professionalism and knowledge, his long training and his natural ability know he is the best and his record is impeccable.

What about Convience and times?

The office and lab for Texas Polygraph Counselors is on the 12th floor of the convenient and pretigious ClearChannel building near the Galleria Mall in Dallas.

How long does a polygraph take?

A typical polygraph examination begins with a pre-test interview followed by the actual test and a post test interview. This usually takes two hours or less but could run longer depending on additional admissions or what else is discovered.

Do you have any after-hours appointments?

Sure but these are based on who called first and must be pre-paid with a credit card through the web site at Call first to make the appointment then pay on line. We will get a conformation email from the web site when that is accomplished. There are no refunds for after-hours appointments.

Do I get the polygraph results right away?

Yes, and if requested a professional written report can be emailed no later than the next business day.

How many questions can I ask?

You can ask several questions, however the are specific rules and standardized ways of structuring a valid polygraph question. For example it has to be a “fact-based” question and not an opinion. Your licensed polygraph examiner will listen to the issues during the pre-test interview then guide you in the design of acceptable questions to use during the examination.

What if we both want to take an examination?

Sure that is not uncommon. We just schedule the test back to back at the same appointment time.

Is there any way someone can pass if they are lying?

A lot of people would like to think that is the case. As explained at the top of this page, polygraph examiners keep up with the latest efforts at countermeasures. Various federal agencies continue to research these efforts. The facts support polygraph as the only credible methodology (86% or better) when used by an experienced examiner. In Texas only a licensed polygraph examiner can legally make a determination of deception or no deception, then offer an opinion as to the truth of a specific statement.

Are you and your associates licensed?

Yes, of course and all of our examiners attend continuing education courses, seminars and liaison with active duty examiners within federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, to review and stay up with the latest developments and countermeasures.

What are the qualifications to be a polygraph examiner?

Although not required most polygraph examiners are retired law enforcement officers or intelligence agency operatives and continue their career experience in private practice. Polygraph schools have a live-in residency requirement and candidates must have a degree and a clean criminal record. A background investigations is conducted and you must pass a polygraph examination before attending classes. In Texas there is also a one year internship requirement.

Can you conduct an exam in Spanish?

Yes, Texas Polygraph Counselors in Dallas have experienced translators that assist with Spanish language tests when necessary. There is a minimum added fee of $100.00 for this service.

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